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Rocky Mountain Route

The Rocky Mountain Route from Alberta to Alaska offers visitors a stretch of one of the world’s most beautiful and protected wild areas. Drivers can expect jaw-dropping scenery, wildlife sightings galore, historic communities that hold proudly to their frontier character and frequent examples of the ingenuity, creativity and humor of those clever enough to make a life in the north. The route follows an extension of the Rocky Mountains. Along the way, stops include everything from world-renowned parks like Banff and Kenai Fjords to quirky towns and traces of the region’s colorful history. The natural wealth of this region led to its protection in a series of national, provincial and state parks that line the route.

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Yamanusk Wolf Sanctuary

A wolf standing in the water at Yamunusk Wolf Sanctuary.

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      Planning Tip

      Are there many places to stop for gas, food or lodging off the highways?

      Along the highways, you’ll come across gas stations, shops, service stations, restaurants and accommodations every 25 to 50 miles (40-80 km). Most services are open year round. There is also an abundance of camping along the way at commercial and government locations. Yes, you can call ahead for reservations. We recommend it. Some areas will, of course, be more crowded than others.

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