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Racquet, NoBigDeal and Parks go to Alaska

Retired Couple with their dash pet "Parks" head across US in a class B RV from South Carolina to California and eventually to Alaska to visit all eight National Parks in that state. First stop was Charlotte NC to help with a kitchen remodel.

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Mar 11, 2018

Ventura Beach and Channel Islands National Park

3/9 and 3/10
Slugged our way thru Los Angeles - traffic here pretty much sucks all the time. Arriving in Ventura was a welcome site and allowed us time to resupply and settle in as rain was in the forecast. On Saturday we went to a movie (Darkest Hour - both enjoyed very much) and also stopped in the visitor center for the Channel islands.
We were booked on a 9AM tour to Santa Cruz Island, the largest island of this National Park (of course we booked before we realized that daylight savings time change was on Saturday night). A little bleary eyed we made it to the dock and eventually to the Island. On the was out we were rewarded with sightings of dolphins and birds in a feeding frenzy followed by dolphins surfing in our ships wake. We basically had about 6 hours on the Island and we took full advantage with 3 very nice hikes albeit the gound on the first hike was quite muddy (actually had mud cakes on our shoes about an inch thick). Made for some heavy feet - but still a beautiful hike up Scorpion Canyon. We also hiked Potato Harbor and Cavern Point. The day was quite breezy and partially cloudy at times but temperature was quite comfortable with a light jacket. Lots of neat flowers but only limited wildlife, birds and about 5 to 6 foxes - amazingly they were out foraging with only minimal concern about our presence.
Once back in Ventura we enjoyed a great cup of clam chowder at Brophie Brothers before heading back to camp for showers and an early bedtime to catch up on the sleep we missed the night before.