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Gold Rush Route

“Gold! Gold! In the Klondike!” The Gold Rush has captivated travelers since 1896 when the precious metal was first found in the Klondike River, Yukon Territory. This route takes visitors on a wild ride through history—from the major staging point for prospectors’ journeys north in Vancouver, to the tantalizing 1890s boomtown of Dawson City. Become part of the past in Barkerville Historic Town where “Victorian criminals” are apprehended, and panning for gold is just part of a day's work.

This route also winds through First Nation history that amazes with color and culture. Spend the night in an authentic teepee or take a steam in the sweathouse at Xatśūll Heritage Village. Art abounds in the Hazeltons where communities showcase their cherished First Nation heritage. Nature is everywhere; mirrored lakes, bursting waterfalls, hot springs, bear-viewing reserves and Denali National Park are just a few of the highlights.

For urbanites this drive encounters a diverse group of municipalities: charming small mountain towns, lively metropolitan areas and alluring foodie havens with riverfront dining. Music shows, golf, camping, hiking, guided walks, aerial tram rides, fishing and photography are just a taste of the pleasures that await.

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Whitehorse Blues All Stars at Frostbite Music Festival

Whitehorse Blues All Stars at Frostbite Music Festival

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