Our Trip North to Alaska


Where’s the best cinnamon roll on the Alaska Highway? The best place for spotting wildlife? The most productive fishing hole?

Find out with the help of fellow travelers. These five groups are posting their photos, videos and notes from their trips to Alaska this summer and we’re sharing them here, along with posts from lots of other travelers.

Read on to learn about the routes they’re taking and their favorite spots along the way.

Racquet, NoBigDeal and Parks go to Alaska 2018

Retired Couple with their dash pet "Parks" head across US in a class B RV from South Carolina to California and eventually to Alaska to visit all eight National Parks in that state. First stop was Charlotte NC to help with a kitchen remodel.

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Jim & Bill 2015

Jim (age 69), retired engineer and son Bill (age 45), high school math teacher

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The Adventurers 2015

In 2014, my husband, Heath, and I RVed to all 48 of the lower states and flew to Hawaii. Alaska is our last state to visit and to celebrate, we're driving the Alaskan highway with our family!

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Spontaneous Alaska 2015

A Brit world traveler and a Hoosier from Indianapolis take on a four month truck camper expedition to Alaska through the western Canadian provinces and territories. I am a 67 year old retired college professor / consultant from Indianapolis; Winston "The Beard" Wolfrider is a 32 year old accomplished world traveler, artist and writer from Bristol, England. We are two of the most incredibly different people you can imagine. In the Spring of 2014 we met as The Wolfrider was hitchhiking across the U.S. on $6 a day, raising money for the World Land Trust (he was honored in November as one of their top fundraisers). It was a serendipitous encounter that turned into an awesome 6,000 mile, four week travel adventure in 11 western states and one province in my truck camper. Now, in June 2015 we are getting together again on a four month adventure to Alaska via the Alaska Highway. It will be an unplanned adventure. We intend to experience as much of Alaska as we can spontaneously as the land and people present themselves to us. Our only desire is to drive the Alaska Highway, take the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse (where we hope to dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay), and return in September on the Alaska Marine Highway to Bellingham, Washington, winding up in Portland, Oregon.

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SMART Alaska Caravan 2015

We are a retired couple (originally from Long Island, New York) living full-time in our 5th Wheel RV since July 2013. We are headed to Alaska from June to September 2015 with a caravan of 20 rigs from a camping club called SMART (Special Military Active Recreational Travelers). This is a group of active and former military personnel from all across the U.S. who have come together to travel through Alaska for three months.

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DMD2Alaska 2015

Dad, Mom, Daughter travel on motorbikes from their homes in Tennessee and Michigan to Seward, AK. Because it's an adventure after all.

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