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1964 Good Friday Earthquake - Great Museum

The Valdez Museum & Historical Archives have 2 locations in downtown Valdez - and both are excellent. There's a lot of material about the 1964 earthquake - with a magnitude of 9.2 making it the second most powerful ever recorded. Of the 131 people killed, 119 died in the tsunamis that followed the initial shake, and damage totaled about $300 million then (now over $2.5 billion in today's dollars). The whole town of Valdez (& several others on the Sound) had to be relocated after the quake, to 'safer ground.' Mary Jo Migliacchio used her husband's credit card to purchase gas that day at Dieringer's Standard Station in Valdez. She left her card behind & was on her way back to retrieve it when the earthquake hit. Needless to say, she gave up on that & fled to safety. In the museum you will find her card & the machine it was still in - found buried in the mud at the former gas station site in 2004...40 years later!