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Ever heard of Qiviut?

Well, I hadn't - but then I'm not a knitter! Quviut (pronounced kiv'-ee-ute...our tour guide told us to remember how to pronounce it by saying we should "give a hoot about quviut") is the finest wool in the world, harvested annually from Musk ice age era mammal that once roamed the earth alongside saber-tooth tigers & woolly mammoths. The non-profit Musk Ox Farm in Palmer is dedicated to the domestication of musk ox and its a fascinating place to visit. Qiviut fiber is about eight times warmer than sheep's wool and softer than cashmere. An ounce of qiviut yarn costs $95! And the demand exceeds the supply - as they are very deliberately managing their herd for the amount of land they have for grazing. One of the original Matanuska Colony Barns houses their headquarters & gift shop. The quviut is harvested each spring merely by 'combing' the animals - kind of like fur that sheds naturally. They can gather an average of 4-1/2 pounds of qiviut from each animal. Most of it then goes off to a mill to be washed, dehaired, carded, and spun into yarn.