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Cassiar Highway - Beautiful but narrow road with NO shoulders

When doing a road trip to Alaska & the Yukon, it's inevitable that you have to go both east & west (or north & south) on some of the same there aren't that many roads to choose from. I guess some of that is also true in British Columbia, but this stretch is all new, as we are returning via the Cassiar Highway. Really pretty country, although it's gotten quite cold in addition to rainy, and we've seen fresh snow on the mountain peaks as we drive thru. We overnighted at a small park in Iskut called Mountain Shadow.....right on a lake. No cell service, no TV, but one heck of a view. We had a caravan dinner involving stone soup (where everyone contributed a can of some kind of vegetables) and an ice cream social. Lots of fun, but pouring down rain as we huddled from one awning to the next to try to stay dry :)