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Two Seasons - Winter & Road Construction

The locals joke that there are only 2 seasons here - winter and road construction....and we are definitely here in the middle of road construction season. Lots of smiling flaggers, some one lane stretches with pilot cars and long waits make it an all-day adventure just to go 200 miles or so. In addition to the areas they ARE fixing, there are plenty that they are NOT...Canada seems to do a much better job than Alaska of marking those & trying to warn drivers to slow down. I don't think I'd even heard the term "Frost Heaves" before.....but we've for sure felt them now! Going over those 'whoop-de-dos" in a motorhome is an experience. But luckily we just have a small windshield crack so far. Many of our fellow caravaners have not been so lucky - they've seen flat tires on both tow cars & coaches, broken serpentine belts, awnings ripped off, drivers side window shattered by rocks thrown up by a vehicle coming the other way, and now also a broken axle on the only fifth wheel in our group. We're told the roads are going to improve as we move westward. Fingers Crossed!