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Oregon Trail Interpretive Center outside Baker City, OR

If you are anywhere near Baker City, GO!! This museum is really well done & a great history of the over 300,000 people who crossed the Oregon Trail in hopes of a better life out west. Long before it was a wagon road, the Oregon Trail was part of an ancient network of Indian footpaths & animal trails crisscrossing the west. In 1812 fur trader Robert Stuart & his party discovered a wide pass, 7550 ft. in elevation, across the Continental Divide. This "South Pass" made overland travel with ox-drawn wagons possible, and it became the gateway to the West. Maybe this story resonates so much with us since we live just below the Donner Pass - part of the California Trail and the site of the ill-fated Donner Party's crossing of the Sierra Nevada's. There is a 'similar' California Trail museum in Elko, Nevada that is also well worth a visit.