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Slooow going

What a day! We drove three hours through a severe storm, two keys broke off in our camper door, discovered our GPS unit does not have Canadian maps, and we couldn't drive faster than 57 mph or our gas mileage dropped below 8 mpg. As it was, we are only getting 11-12 mpg (half of what we'd expected). Thus, we were stopping every two hours, and we had to cancel another reservation because we are so far behind schedule. BUT No one is fighting. We've had some good laughs. We had Taco John's for dinner. We stopped late in the evening at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and watched a beautiful sunset and saw a tatonka!! It made the 18 hours of driving worth it. P.S. Shhhhhh! Don't tell our moms: We drove another hour and a half to spend the night at a truck stop.