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Buffalo chip frisbees, anyone?

You can't visit the Badlands and not stop at Wall Drugstore! Now, our kids will tell you their favorite part of the place is the donut shop. (And we'd be remiss not to tell you to try one. Yes, it is worth the $1.79, especially if you get it hot and fresh.) However, there is sooo much to do here; "drugstore" is not appropriate. There are crazy photo ops, historical news articles and photos, a water spray area, café, ice cream parlor, clowns on scooters, animal mounts, and thousands of square feet of retail space that goes on and on and offers a shopper anything they might need (a samurai sword) or want (see title). We managed to walk away with only 1/2 dozen donuts, a US sticker (for the next model of our trailer camper), and a flattened penny. Be sure to talk to the clerks; these young adults are from all over the world as part of a work/travel program. The lady serving is donuts was from Jamaica, and the guy who sold us the sticker was from Poland.