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A word of thanks

Sitting at our campground laundromat in Missoula, Montana at midnight seems like a good time to say thank you to our parents: This trip would not have been possible without you... From the plastic silverware to doing our laundry for the month leading up to our departure (our washer died). From the journals to the tools and parts (to build the camper). From the neck pillows (we've all used at various times, because 18 hours in a day driving lends itself to lots of napping in the van) to the activity ideas (that wore us out). From the encouragement to the enthusiasm. From the desire to see new places to the knowledge of how to survive when the road gets rough. We thank you for helping us experience this trip of a lifetime! How fortunate we are to have made this adventure of over 9,000 miles... in a homemade camper. P.S. The brown blanket was a necessity in Denali.