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Basic needs

With the long days and traveling campsite to campsite with so much rain, we were ready for a big meal, hot showers, and a dry/quiet night--this evening couldn't have come at a better point in our trip. We spent over three hours partaking of an Alaskan salmon bake (in Pioneer Park) In an outdoor setting, we had as much prime rib, fresh crab legs and salmon, and beer battered cod... and more... as we wanted. If you know our youngest son, you know they lost out on the "all you can eat part." Although we've been eating, it has been less than usual, and thus our older son's pants have become too big on him---he tried to make up for the last two weeks in this one meal. We had a lovely conversation at our table with three senior citizens from Sun City, Arizona. And did we mention the food was really delicious? We retired for the evening at our first and only scheduled hotel for the trip. Showers were taken, and we got some solid sleep. We stayed at River's Edge Resort in one of their cute cabins. Very clean and quiet. Wonderful place for kids, because each "room" is an individual building so you don't have to worry about bothering your neighbors.