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The wheels on the trailer go boom, boom, booooom

Anticipating an early arrival at camp to rest, our plans changed in an instant. On the road into the park, only half a mile from the campground where we were staying, we drove over a pot hole that was a small town in and of itself. Our trailer went "Boom!" Slowing down, we feared a ruptured tire. However, upon inspection the leaf spring had broken. We changed to the spare tire (since the standard tire was rubbing the wheel well) and crawled into camp. The campground host directed us to the town of Eagle River for auto part stores. Over the next 18 hours, we met some great people who helped us repair the trailer: *Jared at Auto Zone was helpful in directing us to places that would carry the parts we needed *Brandon who provided us with excellent service and humor at our unexpected dinner at McDonald's *Mr. Grubb from Pennsylvania who was our campsite neighbor who not only provided some tools needed, but he helped us for a few hours dismantle and replace the axle and springs! We are very, very, very happy Six Robblees' exists and carried what we needed. The humor in this unexpected part of our adventure is that this campground is by the Anchorage landfill and correctional center. If you are open to dry camping, Eagle River campground in Chugach State Park is a good stop over--nice staff, quiet camp, wooded/level/paved sites--don't let the location scare you, but do be aware of the bumps and road damage! We are back on the road!