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Badlands after dark...and the morning after

We've camped, hiked, and enjoyed Badlands National Park on a previous adventure. (Glacier & Yellowstone National Parks--highly recommend seeing both in your lifetime!) Thus , we thought we'd like to see it again, even if briefly, since it was on our route. Boy, are we glad we did! First, it was a completely different experience driving the park in the dark. (We arrived about 10:15, and there was not even twilight.) When you are accustomed to being surrounded by trees, your mind plays tricks on you with the rock formations. As mentioned in the previous post, the open sky was dazzling with all the stars. Waking the next morning surrounded by the scenery (that wasn't visible last night) made us felt transported to another world. Also, more wildlife intrigued us on the drive through the park on the loop road in daylight. We watched two families of big horn sheep and a couple of prairie dog towns. P.S. If you rise to walk your child to the restrooms at 4:30 in the morning, there is silence.... With the exception of the cows mooing in the distance.