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AWESOME July 4th in the Arctic

Words cannot describe our celebration of Independence Day. It was also hard to choose one picture. Ready at our hotel lobby at 5:45 in the morning, we were picked up by Northern Alaska Tour Company to start our day long excursion to the Arctic Circle. We traveled the Dalton Highway under the safety, knowledge, and entertainment of our driver/guide Alan. (He was super!) We learned about gold mining, the Alaskan pipeline, the environment of the tundra and permafrost. The views of the black spruce forests, the vastness of land near the Circle, and the current wildfires along this journey reminded us of the fragility and resilience of this land. We took the time to savor and enjoy the moment of being at the Arctic Circle with a red carpet photo op, a party with tundra brownies with permafrost icing, and tricks with wild Grayjays (a bird). Returning to our hotel around 10:30 pm, the sun was just as bright as it had been since our departure this morning. A fantastic experience!