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Back home again in Indiana

We've hit the 10,000 mile mark of traveling on this journey!!! With less than 100 miles to go from home, the emotions in our van are mixed. We've debated how to end this blog, and then the realization came that this is the start. From here we can use our experiences to continue to be advocates for caring for the environment and protecting the wildlife. We encourage anyone to travel (even if not by vehicle) to Alaska to experience a land that is still a frontier. Our hope is that our children remember in twenty years the perseverance we demonstrated by continuing thru vehicle issues, less than desirable weather, and long days. All the people we met along the way and their stories they shared taught us that we are all in this world together--let's take care of one another and treat each other with kindness. And last, but not least, sleep is rather important for safety in traveling north to Alaska. We'll do this again; there was too much we didn't see... And design improvements are already in the works for the second version of our camper.