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We left Valdez in a horrific downpour but as we climbed up to Thompson Pass, we dried out and even had sun the rest of the day. Our objective for today is Tok, Alaska. The road north to Glenallen and then northeast to Tok had some beautiful scenery but we were too busy watching for and driving through frost heaves. Canada does a wonderful job of marking the bad spots along the road. Alaska could learn from them because we hit some real doozies!! By the time we got to Tok, we felt pretty beat up. We are beginning to see evidence of autumn. The blooms on the Fireweed are dropping, with only the tips still in bloom. Alaskans know summer is over when there are no more flowers on the Fireweed stock. We’re also seeing yellow, orange and red among the vivid greens and leaves are starting to fall. We have come full circle through Alaska now. When we visited Tok a month ago we headed north to Fairbanks. Now we entered from the south, completing one big loop. What an adventure.