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Top of the World Highway

Today we experienced a smooth, easy ferry ride, glorious vistas, a border crossing, and some really terrible roads. All five motor homes crossed the mighty Yukon River at Dawson City via the free ferry. The line was non-existent so we all crossed in a short time. The first motor home went over by itself and then two motor homes and two cars went on each of the next rides. The ferry had to work hard to cut across the current with such heavy loads but they made it look easy. After hooking up the cars we were off! We climbed up the hills on the other side of Dawson City and wended our way on the “top of the world” highway, reaching 4500+ ft. in elevation just before the Alaskan border. The highway follows the crest of the mountains and although it was very desolate, the vistas around each corner were wonderful to see. If you have driven the Blue Ridge Parkway then you understand about being on the ridge, able to look down both sides. The road on the Canadian side had some rough spots, lots of steep inclines, hairpin turns and places where we had to go very slow to miss potholes and dips. We survived that part of the highway and crossed the border into Alaska without a problem. For thirteen miles on the US side we had beautiful smooth roads and loved the drive. But then the pavement abruptly ended and we drove another 70+ miles on narrow, rutted roads doing about 15 mph. (If you have driven on a logging road you know what we drove on.) We didn’t meet much traffic coming the other way and we were all glad for that! We followed Fortymile River most of the way, sometimes looking down on it from a thousand feet! Our coaches were filthy and the cars were even worse but the dirt is proof that we made it!!!