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Coming into Whitehorse, we crossed the Continental Divide again. We also started following and crossing the mighty Yukon River! What history connected to this body of water and the impact it has on this part of Canada and also Alaska. We’re being educated every step of the way. The Beringa museum was the best, talking about the land bridge between Asia and Alaska and all the different animals that passed back and forth. The Frantic Follies provided a fun night of laughing and entertainment and when we left at 10:15 p.m. it was still daylight!!! It felt like we had the whole “evening” to do something else. (We were warned about the light so we took steps to make our bedroom dark so that we could sleep. So far it’s working.) The McBride museum and SS Klondike (steam paddle boat) gave us glimpses into the Gold Rush era and how it affected life here. What a hard life for so little return for most of the prospectors. Entertainers, merchants and bartenders made out better than anyone during the Gold Rush. The physical beauty of water, mountains, forests and wildlife continues to be the main attraction and most memorable for me.