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Denali National Park

Traveling south from Fairbanks the weather turned gray and overcast and continued with rain, rain and more rain for our time at Denali National Park. Even so, we had four wonderful days exploring all the Park had to offer. We dry camped inside the national park at Savage River Campground without cell or internet service (really roughing it!!) and out among the trees and wildlife. Unfortunately, because of the rain, we really didn’t have an opportunity to see the mountain. The highlight of the four days was our bus trip to the end of the park road, called the Kantishna Experience. Through the rain and fog, we were still able to see moose, bears, caribou, ptarmigan, grouse and ground squirrels. We even saw a glacier with grass growing on it. No sighting of mighty Denali but it was a good day and the driver was knowledgeable and we did make it all the way to the end of the road! The brown grizzly bear walking down the road right next to our bus was absolutely fantastic and the best part of the drive. We also saw a dog sled demonstration, got to pet the dogs, and learned all about their use in the park. The park rangers use dog sleds to patrol the park, take supplies to outlying posts and to check for poachers. Since motorized equipment, such as snowmobiles are not allowed within the park boundaries, the dogs play a vital role in protecting the area during the winter months. We still hope to see Denali but we’re having a great trip and looking forward to more adventures. Hope you’ll continue to follow us on this amazing trip.