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Chicken, Alaska was a wide spot in the road with a population of fifteen, consisting of two RV parks, three restaurants, three gift stores, one saloon and a post office. But it gave us the opportunity to rest after that rough and tumble trip from Dawson City. The guys all had drinks at the saloon, filling all the stools and the girls shopped. There were quite a few miners in the hills around Chicken and one RV park even let you go work their claim. The guys next to us from Minnesota tried it for three days and had two vials full of gold dust. Not a bad return but they said it was really hard work! The highlight of our trip was the moose!! We went exploring one evening after dinner and discovered a moose foraging in a pond. It knew we were watching but continued to graze on grasses at the bottom of the pond. What an experience. Unfortunately it had moved on by the time we got back to camp and gathered up everyone who wanted to see it. Maybe next time they will get to see the wildlife.