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Road to Fairbanks

The road from Chicken to Tok was a little better than the previous drive but it still had really big frost heaves and lots of pot holes. There was a bumper sticker that said “I love potholes” and it gave us a laugh. You sure see a lot of them! Alaska had a forest fire in 2004 that burned 1.3 million acres of land and we saw a remnant of that devastation on our way south to Tok. I can’t imagine the smoke from such a huge fire. It was raining in Tok when we arrived so after parking our rigs, we all just hibernated and called it a night. We will have another chance to explore Tok on our way south in August. Driving to Fairbanks was a lot more interesting. We stopped at Delta Junction and had a picture taken at the marker for the end of the Alaska Highway. (When we turned north to go to Dawson City and across the top of the world highway, we missed part of the Alaska Highway but on our way home, we will drive the section we missed.) Just north of Delta Junction I started celebrating because in the distance to the west was Denali!!! It was partly covered with clouds but the very top was peeking through the clouds and you could get a sense of just how vast it really is!!! How exciting. Entering into Fairbanks reminded everyone of how it is to drive in a big city with lots of traffic, stop lights and freeways! We got settled and we’re enjoying five days on the Chena River. Come back and read all about the fun things we did in Fairbanks.