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On the Road to Skagway

From Tok, Alaska we traveled into the Yukon Territory, Canada with a lot of construction along the way. The road was very rough, many road work stops and frost heaves that caused us to drive very slow at times. When we completed the drive, our rigs were completely covered in dirt, dust and mud. Fortunately some of the RV parks have special locations for washing your car and RV. We had not bothered doing that too much on this trip, but after that stretch of road, they really needed it. Our stop took us to Destruction Bay on Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory. We pulled into Cottonwood RV Park and settled in for the night. We had a lake front site so everyone joined us for happy hour. It was a little too cool to sit out for long, but it was a nice way to relax after that terrible road. One couple decided to run their generator since the park only provided 15 amp service but the manager came and told them to turn it off. It was before quiet hours and we were told we could run our generators, but he was not happy. When we tried to get clarification about the rules he told us we could leave. We obeyed his wishes, turned in for the night and left very early the next morning. I would not recommend that park to anyone. The next day was an easier traveling day and we made it into Carcross with no problems. We’re noticing more and more fall colors on the trees and bushes and we’re wondering if we’ll get home before the snow flies!!!! The RV park at Carcross let us wash our rigs and cars so that is how we spent some of the afternoon. We walked around town and had a good time exploring the shops and visitor center.