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As we drove further south on this wonderful adventure, we followed the north shore of Turnagain Arm off the Cook Inlet. Beluga whales frequent this body of water, but unfortunately, the tide was out and so were the whales. However, we did see mountain goats and eagles along the way and the mountains continued to impress and inspire us. Our campground on the cliffs above Homer gave us a spectacular view of the Kachemak Bay, also off the Cook Inlet. The mountains to the east were snow-capped and filled with glaciers. We took a drive to the east end out of Homer to get a good look at these massive sheets of snow and ice. The size of the glaciers just amazed me. The five guys and Irma chartered a boat for the day out of Homer to fish for Halibut. The seas were rough so they stayed in the bay but still had a great time and a successful limit catch. There were lots of otters and whales in the bay and we had fun watching one of the otters perform for us right in the marina. Tomorrow we go to Kenai!