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Seward was a fun stop in our traveling adventure. The sun was shining and there was word that the Northern Lights had been visible the night before we arrived. Unfortunately the clouds moved in that very afternoon and so there was no light display in the sky for the three nights we were there. But at least it is starting to get darker in the evening and there may still be a possibility to see the Aurora Borealis in all its splendid glory. The highlight of the Seward stop was a seven hour boat tour to the Kenai Fjords National Park to view the tidewater glaciers of the Aialik Bay. Chilled air moving off the glaciers and the sharp popping noises as the ice cracked and eventually broke loose, thrilled our senses and amazed us with its size and power. Along the way to the glaciers we were entertained with sightings of eagles, seals, goats, orcas, puffins and even a humpback whale. Although the skies were grey with rain and the seas rough, it was still a great day sightseeing in a very unique National Park. The following day, we drove a little distance from our campground to Exit Glacier; the only glacier in the National Park that is accessible by road. At the end of the road, a short but somewhat strenuous hike brought us right to the edge of the ice. Exit Glacier was different from the other glaciers we had seen in that it did not meet with the sea, was smaller and much quieter. There were no large chunks of ice calving off into the water! One interesting aspect of visiting this site however, were the markers placed along the trail indicating how far the glacier has receded over the last hundred years. It was truly remarkable.