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Even though our drive to the city of Kenai was backtracking up the west coast of the Kenai Peninsula, the weather had improved so we were able to view more of the mountains and seascape that we missed on our way south to Homer. Our campground in Kenai was located on the cliffs overlooking the Kenai River where it fed into the Cook Inlet and the Pacific Ocean. The “dipnetting” fishing season had just ended the day before we arrived and campers were still cleaning salmon and their gear from a successful catch. Salmon could be seen jumping out of the water as they made their way upstream to spawn. Again we watched for beluga whales but with all the fishing activity, they were not to be seen. Homer is the farthest away from home, mileage-wise and Kenai is as far west as Hawaii, so we have gone to great distances on this trip. We have traveled over 3,200 miles so far and still have another month to go! The highlight of the Kenai visit was meeting up with friends Larry and Gail from our RV club. They live here in Sodatna, Alaska in the summer and were able to spend time with us before returning south to Seattle. They will be heading east before we return to the lower 48 so it may be a while before we see them again. The morning we left Kenai, there was a bald eagle near our campground. He was so majestic and regal just sitting in a tree, surveying his domain. Mt. Redoubt was in the background in all its splendor so it made for a perfect morning sendoff. Next stop Seward!