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The Canadian Rockies

Heading north from Idaho, we made an uneventful crossing into Canada at Kingsgate. We found ourselves in the quaint village of Radium Hot Springs in the middle of the Columbia valley. The city is known for its natural mineral hot springs and pool. It is also the gathering place for the local big horn sheep that come to town for the annual rutting, when they wander down main street and throughout the town. Radium Hot Springs is also the southern gateway to Kootenay National Park along highway 93 toward Banff. The drive through the park to Marble Canyon was spectacular, with each turn opening up to an even more beautiful mountain vista. Along the way many deer, mountain goats and even a bear were spotted next to the roadway. Returning to our campground, we took advantage of the natural hot springs nearby and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the warm pool. The day was capped off with a hot meal at the pub in town while listening to a local country and western band. Next stop - 4 days in Banff!