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On to Anchorage

As we left Denali we drove south toward Anchorage. We followed the Alaska mountain range and saw some spectacular views, but unfortunately, Denali stayed hidden in the clouds. Sunshine and some blue skies eventually appeared as we got closer to Anchorage and that was a welcome treat. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska so we were able to stock up on supplies at Costco, Walmart and other convenient stores. We went to the Saturday Market (on Sunday!!) in the rain and bought a few souvenirs. I caught a cold so I stayed indoors but others went out and toured the city. Some went to the National Parks building which showed short movies about Anchorage and was a great place to go and get out of the rain. Others went to Kincaid Park and were able to see baby eagles learning to fly!! All in all, it was a good visit and interesting to explore. We’ve done the interior of Canada and Alaska and now we start our coastal experience. Next stop Homer, AK.