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Tok Alaska

You may have notice we haven’t posted anything for a few days. We didn’t fall over the world. The Wi-Fi is hard to find and if you do find it at some of the RV parks you get just enough to check email or you have to pay. So you are going to be getting a lot of days at one time. And maybe a picture or two. When we find a Wi-Fi that will let us post pictures we will do that. Hope you are still with us. It makes us feel good that you would even take time to read our little post. Thanks Jim and Meryl traveled with us today. We like traveling with someone. Rode was really, really gravelly and wet from the water trucks. Boy are our units dirty. We did see a moose in a pond, but we was eating so only saw his back. Stayed at Tok RV park. Ate dinner at Fast Eddies.