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Hi Country RV

Jim and Meryl were waiting for us at Fast Eddies this morning so we got to travel another day with them. Long day we stopped Village Bakery in Hanes Junction and decided we didn’t like the look of any of the RV parks and moved on. Because it was around 7pm we had a bit a trouble finding a RV park, finally found one in Whitehorse Hi Country. Had a big scare, as Marsha was taking Annabelle out of the truck to the trailer Annabelle got scared and jumped out of Marsha’s arms and run. We had to chase her for quite a bit. Poor thing was scared and yelling and we were calling her so she would calm down. Finally, she run into the woods with us right on her she sat down and cried as we all were crying. Brent got her and got her back to the trailer. We were all so afraid but she is ok and so are we. Today we also left Alaska. What a sad day for us. As the song says we Left Our Hearts in Alaska. We know it is supposed to be SF, but ours is in Alaska. This state and the people touch us so, as always. The air is so clean and the colors are so amazing. We know we will be back again and again. If you have never been either by cruise ship, plane or car we hope you will put it on your bucket list.