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Cassiar RV Park

Tow truck arrived as we were hitching up. Pulled the trailer right out and the owner was driving it as we left. We choose the Cassiar highway for at least two reason. One, so we could say we did it. The other because you are supposed to see lots of wild life. Well we are just about at the end of the highway and so far, the wildlife count is one beaver…. oh well we can say we did it. Our Garmin, which has been a great help this whole trip failed us today. We were traveling to the Casssiar RV park. The Garmin sent us down a road with turn out to be a little one-way thing. After about 2 ½ kilometers we decided this is way wrong. So Brent, which is an amazing backer upper, back about 1 ½ kilometers until he could get us turned around. We finally got turned around and found the place on our own. Not a fun thing for him to do or Marsha to sit through. After that we decided dinner out was called for and had a great dinner at the 37 Grille. Brent had a great hamburger and thought of Wayne, saying Wayne would love this burger. After dinner did a bit of laundry and took a hike to a fish counting place. Interesting. Tomorrow we are headed to Prince George. We need to do some food and water shopping and it the next biggest town. Just a side note…we have decided that in Canada the rules for passing another vehicle is pass on double yellow or solid yellow lines because is when most cars and trucks seem to pass us.