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Protage Glacier RV Park

we were here 7-16 - 7-17 Portage Glacier RV Park. Had to leave Lynda’s today, What an amazing time with we had with her and her family. Marsha even got to learn had to throw some pottery. Jim headed to Anchorage to pick up Michelle, we went on through Anchorage to meet them on the other side. They ended up being a few minutes ahead of us as there was no problem or lines at airport. On to Portage Glacier RV park. Beautiful views out all of the windows. A bit warm had to use air conditioner. Got all set up and headed to Girdwood. Pretty little place. Huge hotel and tram ride up the hill We didn’t do the tram. Ski lefts were taking people and their bikes up and then people would ride their bikes done a trail that was just under the lefts No thanks Then to Cold Creek gold mine. Cute little place. There was a wedding going on there so there wasn’t a charge to go in. Yeah. After that checked out Portage Glacier and Boyer Glacier – beautiful, amazing, wonderful and awesome. Sure wish the sun would go down just a bit.