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Icefield Center (Columbia Icefields), Alberta, Canada

From our sojourn in Nelson, we headed back to the east and connected with the Icefield Parkway (Highway 93) in Alberta. Driving north toward Jasper, the mountains are truly spectacular, many snow covered even in June. Moose, deer and Bighorn sheep and other animals appeared as we drove along the well-maintained highway as wells as amazing views of the surrounding landscape with its high mountains, blue, blue lakes, and fast flowing rivers and waterfalls. The jewel in the crown of this drive is, for me, the Icefield Center area where a looming visitor center provides all kinds of access to the Columbia Icefields by bus and other means for those who want to get close to the glaciers, and by film, displays and many outdoor viewing stations for those who prefer to stay at a distance. The glaciers are spectacular although like many, they have retreated somewhat in past years (I was there 30 years ago), and it is an easy place to linger and take in the view until the need to travel on made us take our leave. On the way away, we encountered even more waterfalls and several groups of sheep on the way to Jasper.