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Rocky Mountain House Museum

June 18 – Day Two. Today’s trip was 250 miles from Fort McLeod, Alberta, to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. It was 6 hours travel time. We were in the very first group to pull out at 8 a.m. It was overcast, sometimes foggy, sometimes rainy, as we drove through flat, rolling farmland initially. South of Calgary more trees appeared and the terrain began to roll with small hills. This is definitely farmland and cattle ranch territory. Arrived at Riverview Campground around 2 p.m. after a six hours. The campground folks parked each rig personally. We parked the RV then drove into town to look at the Rocky Mountain House Museum. It had lots of antiques and stories about Canada’s history. Outside was an old Forestry Patrol Cabin used by the RCMP during rounds through the wilderness. There was also a one room schoolhouse built in 1907. The two buildings were moved there from other sites in town. We found out at the 7 p.m. travel meeting that the couple with the broken arm will not be joining the caravan. The wife had to go home for therapy after surgery. We also discovered that the couple who owned the parrot got turned around at the border. The rumor was that they didn’t have the proper paperwork for the bird. There is great concern about the avian flu in Canada. So much so that no one is supposed to be allowed across the border with raw poultry or eggs (doesn’t matter if it is frozen or not – it must be cooked). CANADIAN LESSON #3: Make sure you have all required paperwork for your pets.