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Bear Mountain Wind Park

We went to Bear Mountain Wind Park, about 10 miles outside of town. There were 34 wind turbine generators along the rim of the ridgeline. Each wind turbine weighs 236 tons, stands 256 feet tall, and produces enough energy to power 1,000 homes. We hiked a small portion of the trail but got turned back fairly quickly because of downed trees and overgrown roots (the trail is not maintained). The area had a kind of sci-fi feel to it. I guess it’s because of the immense size and quiet operation of the fans. At first, standing at the base of the giant fan and craning our necks up to the sky, you could barely hear the quiet whir of the engine turning the turbine. Then a thunderstorm rolled in, the wind picked up, and the fans started spinning faster. Now we could hear the blades as they spun past. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Each blade weighs more than 7 tons and you could feel the power of them as they spun past. It was awesome.