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Orientation Meeting

After spending the last two weeks reading everyone’s email about where they are, we have all converged at Great Falls, Montana. There is quite an interesting mix in our group. The caravan will include 7 fifth wheels, 14 motor homes, and one Class C. There are 25 former military personnel in our caravan of 22 rigs/44 people: 9 Army, 8 Air Force, 4 Navy, 3 Marine Corps, and 1 Coast Guard. There are also about 30 something animals accompanying us – dogs, cats, and even a parrot. Orientation was held on Sunday where we met one another; most of us for the first time. The Wagon Masters are Nita & Phil and the Tail Gunners are Tom & Sandy. We have been given a load of information with a well-planned itinerary that will see us moving 27 times in 79 days. The trip sounds so exciting and we can’t wait to get started. Tomorrow we head north to Alaska!