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Retiring the Milepost

It is time to retire our dogeared, well worn Milepost. This book was a great tool as we wandered around the Northwest Territories. It kept us on track driving over long distances with little more than trees and shrubs to find our location. We learned a great deal about Canada and Alaska as well. Caution: the Yellowhead Highway section does not have the same meticulous attention to detail that other routes have (landmarks not mentioned or misnamed), but it generally can guide you well enough. At the beginning of our trip, we marked all the places we would be stopping (we followed an itinerary). Each night before we traveled we would look over the planned route, note any areas to watch out for, plan for places to eat, and ensure we could navigate the campground at the end of the trip. The book was a little difficult to master at the beginning but it is well worth teaching yourself how to use it.