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Back at Tok, Alaska

On our way back home, we stopped again at Tok Rv Village for the night. Tomorrow, we'll cross back into Canada. We're taking the Rocky Mountain Route home, which will take us through Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta where we'll cross into Montana. We are traveling the entire Alaska Highway on our way back, the 1422 mile highway starts in Dawson Creek, BC and ends at Delta Junction, Alaska as you can see in the photo. We spotted a moose this morning, we were going so fast couldn't stop in time, we think it had a full rack of antlers. Tomorrow, we head for Beaver Creek, BC. Hopefully, we'll see more wildlife on our way back than we did on the way to. Was kinda disappointing that we've only seen two Moose's on the road side and about a dozen Caraboo in a stockade enclosure. No bear sightings in Alaska. So far. Maybe tomorrow.