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Triple 'G' Hideaway, Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

This morning at Toad River Lodge RV, I walked out to the pond a short distance away where there's a Beaver home almost in the middle with the mountains in the background. What a sight! After driving most of the day, we've stopped for the night in Fort Nelson but along the way we passed a small herd of mountain sheep on the side of the road then on to Stone Mountain (no not our Stone Mountain!!) Still a lot of road repair construction on the Alaska Highway, where just as we were coming up to some, we spotted a large black bear eating flowers, posed long enough for a few photos and hightailed it into the woods. Somewhere, as we were driving, we spotted something on the left side of the road, when we got out, I hobbled to the other side and walked into the high grass and came face to face with a moma moose!! My last shot only got a glimpse of the foal. Then we came into Fort Nelson. In all, we spotted 3 animal species in 1 day! Awesome!