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Moma Bear & Cubs Encounter!

While we were walking back from Twin Falls Provincial Recreational Area near Grande Cache, we were surprised when a Black Bear was spotted just 25 feet away in the bushes, and her two cubs! Naturally, we started back up the path we'd come from a few paces as we heard the cubs start climbing trees and the moma bear stood up! Remembering what we read about bear encounters, Terry and I started yelling and waving our arms and walking sticks while at the same time trying to get photo's and video of the encounter. The yelling worked and the cubs climbed down and ran with their mother, with our adrenaline flowing amid our being on the scared side, we continued down the path towards our vehicle when we came across them again. There were two groups of people who'd passed us heading down from the falls, guess they never saw the bears cause we never heard them have an encounter. The literature says to fight off a black bear (by yelling, waving arms), but to play dead with a grizzly.