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"Fisherwoman Extraordinare," a.k.a. "Connie"

We rose at 4:00 AM for a quick breakfast in the cabin, packed lunch & snacks and, then dressed in warm, dry layers of clothing. Why? We were meeting our fishing guide, Derek, at 5:30 AM. We fished the famous Kenai River from 6:00 AM - 1:30 PM. Fishing of this magnificent fish has been severely restricted for 5 years because of overfishing & dwindling numbers returning upstream to spawn. So, we faced a challenge. Within one hour floating on the river, Connie hooked beauty!! She was done fishing (limit one per day.). Benny caught a trout that was so small the guide released it! We floated the river the remaining part of the day & saw bald eagles & their massive nests, Artic Terns & many seagulls. Before returning to the cabin, we stopped for $136.00 in bakery items at a local favorite, Moose on the Loose Bakery. Tonight Benny is grilling our fresh salmon & grilled veggies which he will serve with brown rice. Breakfast tomorrow will be salmon omelettes with Tillamoot cheese. Tomorrow we are heading for a cruise to Portage Glacier & tour of Girdwood.