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Yellowstone-"World's First National Park"

We are four of one million visitors to the park this month!! Our "America the Beautiful" Senior Pass gained us admission at no charge. Once inside, we encountered single lane of traffic going our direction & it was at a standstill. "Oh Dear," we thought. Having heard that there could be as much as a two hour delay getting into the park, we were thinking the worst. We inched along for about 30 minutes. The delay ended up being one big, solitary bison who thought the highway was his grazing territory. The park rangers finally coaxed it off the road & away we went. Bald eagle nest was spotted next, followed by a herd of elk, including two little orange calves. They were wadding in the river. Then, we were off for a day of exploring canyons, waterfalls, hotsprings, geysers, mudpots & more wildlife. We were told that the road toward Old Faithful was experiencing traffic delays, so using the map we were provided on admission, we navigated our way in the opposite direction. Connie & I soon learned that when there was a traffic delay there was wildlife. We would, then, grab our cameras & binoculars & join the "wildlife paparazzi!" So, so fun - bison, bears, elk and deer. We stopped at Paintpots (photo), Mammoth Hotsprings (photo), Norris Geyser Basin (photo) and more. Ever heard of a "lodge pole pine?" It describes the remnants of a tree that has succumbed to the effects of heat & minerals from the geysers & hotsprings. (photo) We had dinner reservations for 8:15pm in the dining room at the Old Faithful Inn. The Inn was built in 1903 to accommodate travelers visiting the new park. Just an amazing structure steeped in history. Dinner very good. (Eddie tried to get Benny to try the "Moonshine," but was unsuccessful.). We were all ready for a good night sleep, after an amazing day.