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Columbia River Gorge/Waterfalls

What a day! We spent it exploring the Columbia River Gorge, a canyon of the Columbia River. The Gorge is up to 4,000 feet deep and stretches over 80 miles. The river is the largest in the Pacific Northwest and has its origin in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada and marks the state line, between Oregon and Washington. This lush landscape is covered with moss, ferns, mist and a gorgeous dense forest of trees and plants. We drove along historic Highway 30, a narrow two lane road nestled under a canopy of the forest trees and flanked by a low wall of old stone and concrete. We stopped to view and experience the stunning waterfalls along the highway. (Latourell, Wakeena, Multnomah and Horsetail Falls) Hood River, Oregon was our final destination and where we spent the night. The town is located on the Columbia River and the views of the river, east and west are breathtaking. The Hood River area is known for its apple/pear orchards, wineries, world class windsailing, kiteboarding and has some of the best kayaking, hiking and biking in the United States. We ate dinner on the deck of the Riverside Restaurant overlooking the river and shared calamari, salmon cakes and fresh Chinook salmon caught in the Columbia River!! Delicious. Just as dinner was wrapping up, we spotted a bald eagle soaring overhead. What a perfect ending to another special day!