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Planning the trip and itinerary

We started planning our trip January 2016. Decided we would travel in a large SUV and would shoot for about 300 miles per day, hoping this would give us time to make frequent stops along the way. We will be staying in hotels, motels, cabins and bed & breakfasts. Our accommodation reservations were made in January and we relied on Trip Advisor for input on where to stay. Reservations have been made for several excursions we don't want to miss - Open air tram tour of Yosemite National Park, Salmon fishing in Soldotna with Mark Glassmaker, Inc guides, Portage Glacier cruise(outside Anchorage), Banff Gondola and dinner at the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone. We have a three ring binder with all reservation confirmations, our trip itinerary and a 61 page guide we put together detailing things we want to see and do along the way (includes photos and descriptions of things not to be missed.) We used "The Milepost - 2015 Edition" to help us map our route. ( It provides a wealth of information, with mile-by-mile descriptions of the highways heading North. We purchased Ron Dalby's book "Guide To The Alaska Highway" and looked at lots of free online information by Googling the Canadian provinces. We requested a copy of "The Ultimate Road Trip." ( Time to get our vehicle serviced and begin assembling items to be packed, including mosquito repellant.