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"The Red Maple Leaf" Flag-It's Canada!

We crossed the border at Sumas and entered Canada at noon today. The customs agent reviewed our passports, asked us a few questions and granted us entry. We were in British Columbia! The first town we passed through was Abbotsford, Raspberry Capital of Canada. So much lush, fertile farmland dotted with barns, farmhouses and grain silos. A bald eagle joined us for a short distance, soaring right next to us as we traveled the Trans-Canada Highway 1 East. The scenery on Highway 1 (The Caribou Gold Rush Route), was breathtaking. We were flanked by meticulous farms and fields, ponds, steep pine covered mountains with frequent waterfalls and lots of higher elevation fog. The Highway follows the Fraser River. In Hope, a quaint small town, we at a delicious lunch at Sharon’s Deli and Lunch Bar. The “cabbage porridge” warmed our bones that were chilled by the rainy drizzle that started in Seattle. The main streets in Hope are lined with large, wood carvings, which are works of art. We made a quick stop at Hell's Gate, the narrowest point on the Fraser River, to take some photos. Wow! Continuing on, we traveled through at least eight tunnels built in the 1950s and 60s. Then, we traversed “Jack Ass Summit.” (1,131 feet) The landscape began to change as we entered Cache Creek which is referred to as the “Arizona of Canada.” Mountains lined the road, but the vegetation and trees were sparse. It was a unique and beautiful drive. The temperature was comfortable, nothing like the current Arizona temperatures!! We followed the Thompson River to Kamloops, BC, which was established by fur traders in 1811. The rain cleared and the high temperature was in the 60s. Yet, another great day of sightseeing and exploring!