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"Musk Ox, Purple Moose & Turnagain Arm"

Our B & B in Glennallen was located in the Copper River Valley which is surrounded by four major mountain chains, each is a mass of rock, glaciers & snow. These are huge volcanic mountains & one of them, Mt Wrangell, is a massive "shield" volcano which is still active & one of the largest "shield" volcanoes in the world. After a hearty breakfast (waffles from scratch), we were on our way to Anchorage & Soldotna, for King Salmon fishing in the world famous Kenai River. The day was overcast, with a soft rain most of the day. We followed Highway 1 (two lane), weaving between tall mountains, with drop offs and rushing or meandering rivers below. The mountains were obscured by low lying fog. Gorgeous scenery. We followed the Matanuska Glacier (27 miles long, with an average width of two miles.). We toured a prehistoric "musk oxen" farm and were educated in a project to domestic these prehistoric mammals. (Their "quivet" is woven & used to make desirable items such as scarves & afghans.). Passing through Anchorage, Connie & I were chilly & craving a warm, specialty beverage from one of the many coffee kiosks that are so prevalent in the Northeast, Canada & Alaska. We drive through "The Purple Moose" & ordered two Capuccinos, with Irish Cream. (Yum!). Beyond Anchorage, was the awesome Seward Highway, coursing around Turnagain Arm & Cook Inlet. The tall mountains encircling us were snow capped, dotted with Dall Sheep & sprinkled with long, narrow waterfalls that were too numerous to count. We reached Soldotna in time to purchase our fishing licenses & salmon stamps. Our two room cabin overlooking the Kenai River was beyond amazing (Mark Glassmaker Guides.). We barbecued on the deck & got a few "winks" before our 5:30 AM salmon fishing adventure.