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"Boreal Forest & The Tlingits"

Last night, when we arrived in Watson Lake, Yukon ("Gateway to the Yukon," pop. 1,600), we had dinner at Kathy's Kitchen. We ordered "Poutine," (fries prepared Canadian style, cheese curds & brown gravy.) Yummy. After a wonderful night's sleep at the Stampeder's Cabins, in two meticulously clean cabins and a great breakfast prepared by Peter, the owner, we headed for The Sign Post Forest. (see photo) In 1942, a homesick soldier stationed in Watson Lake put up a sign for his hometown, Danville, IL. Ever since, travelers along the Alaska Highway have been hanging their own signs. There are currently more than 75,000 signs!! We added our sign to the forest. Then, we headed for Whitehorse, Yukon. For 150 miles outside of Watson Lake, until Teslin, the highway was unpopulated and the terrain was mostly "boreal" forest. Midpoint, in the day, we stopped at the Teslin Tlinget Heritage Centre to learn about the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. The Tlinget live off the land, fishing and hunting. Five colorful totem poles representing the clans of the Tlinget greeted us-eagle, raven, frog, beaver and wolf. All Tlinget belong to the clan of their mother. We sampled "Bannock" (native flat, quick bread), with wild berry jam. We bypassed the city center in Whitehorse (and will visit here on our return trip) and are overnighting in an aspen forest known for amazing observation of the Aurora Borealis. (Northern Lights). Currently there is 21 hours of daylight here. We are relishing the wilderness and swinging in a hammock under the aspen!!