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"What Is Planted in Those Yellow Fields?"

In the rolling farmland of the Peace River Valley, approaching Dawson Creek, Connie brought to our attention the patchwork of large, green fields laced with fields of the most beautiful yellow colored flowers. These fields went on for miles and surrounded the city of Dawson Creek. Breathtaking against the backdrop of clouds. We found out that these are fields of canola! And we are here at the right time of year to see the flowers bloom. The canola seed is a member of the mustard & cabbage family. And the word canola is a contraction, "Can" for Canada and "ola" for "oil low acid." The plant is a hybrid developed as a cholesterol free oil seed. Connie & I took a two hour self guided walking tour of downtown Dawson Creek. A real history lesson. We ended our excursion with a stop at a roadside stand to purchase fresh peaches & cherries.