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"The Emerald City"

Before leaving Hood River, we had breakfast outside, on the Columbia River, and were greeted by six Canadian Geese floating by and two Bald Eagles flying overhead. We took a short side trip on Highway 35, on the way out of town, to take a picture of snowcapped Mount Hood which was visible in the distance. Then, we started the journey to Portland and Seattle. We spotted two more Bald Eagles above us. There were no stops in Portland because our destination for the day was Seattle for sightseeing there. Our first stop in Seattle was Pike Place Market. The Market was bustling with people and activity. Vendor stalls lined the breezeway and the array of items on display almost overwhelmed the senses – all kinds of fresh fish, gorgeous and exotic fresh fruits and vegetable (dried strawberries!!), colorful flowers, delectable pastry and breads, herbs, meats, clothes, jewelry, leather goods and on and on. (Eddie passed up the tie-dye long underwear with the drop seat.) We had lots of samples. The pears were so delicious. For lunch, Richard had clam chowder and Connie and I had fresh cod fish tacos. Benny had a cup of hot green tea! (He is developing a taste for greens – spinach, kale, cucumber.) We sat a small table overlooking the water and watched the ferries shuttle vehicles and people across the harbor. On to the original Starbuck’s at Pike Place and Pine Street. The line to get in went down the street. We have photos for souvenirs. Connie was so excited to see the Space Needle up close. It was located right in the middle of downtown. The monorail built for the World’s Fair here coursed above the street overhead. Richard went to graduate school at the University of Washington, in Seattle. He took us on a driving tour of Huskyland. What a beautiful campus and location. And we cannot forget to mention the orange VW Bug with the flowers that we spotted on the road! Our overnight is in Edmonds, Washington. Tomorrow, we cross the border into Canada-OMG! We have our passports and binoculars in hand.